Monday, 24 October 2016

5 Men’s Specialist Hair Styles for A Fresher Look

What about cutting your hair to specialist length instead of going for short cut? It is not only the long hair that can be styled in attractive ways but the specialist length hair also can be given any style as you like. This haircut also can be worn in many different ways, from modern to vintage and from messy to clean cut. The trick is that you must find the right blend of products, self-care and style. You have blow-dry option to boost the volume and you can also use gel to style your hair.

You can even go with matte hold products that strengthen your hair to stand the test of time. Make sure you maintain a fresher look each time you go creative with your hair. Check the following options for more ideas.

Two Styles From One Cut 

Specialist length gives your hair versatility, especially, when you go for the right cut for your face shape and hair type. Cut your specialist hair style length from the top and short from round the neck and sides. You can style this cut into two totally different ways. For a back-comb style, use your blow-dryer and brush them back. Finish the style with a hair spray and set the hair high on top. Other times, brush the hair towards your crown and let them spread right and left as well as in the middle. Use some salt spray to keep them defined and some matte paste to maintain texture.

Slick Style 

The retro slick styles are not over but they are now updated with a modern touch. Comb-over is one of them. Keep some loose waves, part from the side and end up with a natural final brushing!

Undercut With Specialist Hair 

Specialist length hair with undercut looks good in a slicked back style. You need some products to apply in your dry hair and then comb them back. The sides in high taper fade do the best job while the hair is combed back from the face.

Messy Hair With Some Volume 

One of the ways to wear slick styles is to ruffle and maintain texture. Style your hair with fingers after applying a matte product. This style is best maintained when you just roll out of your bed and go straight to the mirror and set your hair with your fingers after using some product. Once set, your hair will stay stylishly messy throughout the day.

Undercut With Specialist Length Curls 

Specialist curly hair looks great in many different styles. Here the trendiest of them all is specialist length curls with an undercut. Let the texture loose and maintain control to give them the right shape that you like. A high undercut enables your Stylish Men’s Haircuts for 2017 to look good whether styled or not. Enhance curl by using the blow-dryer but attach diffuser on the blow dryer before using. Pick a curl defining product and apply it through your hair softly and evenly. This will give you the most attractive undercut with curly hair.

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