Wednesday, 26 October 2016

8 Extravagant Hairstyles for Men

Men’s hairstyles are aplenty and it is just about choosing the ones that suit you the best. Given here are some of the extravagant hairstyles for men that will make you look completely different. Let’s take a look at them. Its time to go with 8 Extravagant Hairstyles for Men for 2017 trending styles.

  • Short Haircuts
  • Side Angle Haircut
  • Long Layers 
  • Side burned Hairstyle
  • Ponytail with Some Class
  • Quirky & Quilted Undercut
  • Slick & Scruffy Haircut
  • Nod to Nineties

Short Haircuts

When you have curly hair it does not mean that your head needs to be shaved. Be courageous and grow your hair a bit and experience the awesome feel of grown hair. Really short haircuts can be a great choice for the warm weather but you should grow your hair a bit when looking to give yourself 
that new look.  

Side Angle Haircut

Long & point haircut for getting that cool texture requires lots of hair products for holding things in place. You can bring some emphasis to your head’s top by getting your sides shaved completely. To carry on with this haircut, you must keep the face clean-shaved. 

Long Layers 

To achieve this haircut, bottom layer should be cut really short to leave top portion quite long. Now brush the hair backwards so that long hair remains atop those shorter sections. This will provide you with an international, sleek vibe which is going to win almost anyone. Some length can still be incorporated in the short haircuts if you go for such styles. 

Side Burned Hairstyle

Sideburns should be made full use of by being blunt into those lighter facial hairs. In this hairstyle, sideburns are introduced into cut to bring a unique look into your regular style.

It really looks good no matter what your age may be but, usually, teenagers opt for such hairstyles. 

Ponytail With Some Class

The top should be kept long and thick and should be paired with the clean-shaved sides. In hot weather, pull the hair back to form tight ponytail which looks modern and classy look like animated films for better selfies. 

Adding some scruff to the facial hair will give you that mature look which is needed to rock with your ponytail. 

Quirky & Quilted Undercut

These days you can hardly surprise people with your hairstyle. However, this intricate hairstyle can do just that fairly easily. You can decorate your undercut using quilt-like pattern all over and may just set a new trend in hairstyles. 

Slick & Scruffy Haircut

‘Short Sides & Long Top’ hairstyle is probably most famous amongst all haircuts for men this year. The reason behind is that it lets you wear your hairstyle in millions of unique ways and can still be able to add some toughness to the everyday look you wear. 

It can be slicked back in somewhat hipster manner. You can also soften the look with long bang. 

Nod To Nineties

Fades with high top have experienced major resurgence throughout the year. This look was actually popular during nineties but now it takes the styles to a new level with some creative elements. 

So, pick any of these extravagant hairstyles and make your new style statement as the New Year starts.

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