Sunday, 16 October 2016

9 Stylish Men’s Haircuts for 2017

With the start of New Year and changing seasons, life feels to be experiencing a new beginning. New looks are greatly associated with new season. Not only your wardrobe needs to be updated but your hairstyle change means a great deal too. Hairstyles for guys 2017 are cool and impressive. Here are 10 new hairstyles to start the New Year with.

Taper Fade With Thick Texture And Shaved Line

For ultra-thick hair, go for taper fade around the side and back. Shaved line will make a statement in the whole style. Easy to wear and maintain, this style is for busy guys!

Voluminous-Top With Short Sides And Back

This hairstyle with long hair on top and short hair on sides and back has gained popularity because it compliments men’s looks. Good for all sorts of hair type, this style works well with fine and thin hair as well. Thick hair can similarly be lightened up. The short back and sides flawlessly merge into a well groomed beard.

Rounded Neckline With Textured Style

This style can easily be customized to your face shape and hair. The haircut works with the hair line from the crown and keeps hair’s natural flow. It is an easy to style cut which simply looks great. Some matte products are essential to create a messy texture. Rounded neckline creates a clean cut!

Natural Flow With Slick Back

No shine and no grooming, the new slick back hairstyle with natural flow is a popular style for 2017 because of its movement and natural finish. Just comb the longer hair and leave them shining with their natural personality!

Side Parting – The Classic Way

This classic hairstyle is getting classier and more popular in 2017 because of its lopsidedness and volume. This style is good for conservative as well as hipster styles. 

High Fade With Textured Pomp

This solemn style is another classic touch you can give to your hair for the year 2017. The modern makeover of this old version goes with a matte finish added with volume on top and high fades on the sides. In place of natural hairline, a line that is a little up creates a right angle opposite to the blurry fade. 

Platinum Hair Color In Textured Spikes  

Color matters as much as the cut as fair as men’s hairstyles are concerned. Platinum dyed spikes look great whether you have thin hair or thick. Your messy spikes standout more than ever and add personality to your haircut. 

High Fade And Short Haircut

If you are looking for low maintenance haircut, go for this short cut with plenty of personality. Make a high taper fade deep to the skin for getting that modern look. You are free to use any product or just leave it looking natural!

Curls Of Medium Length And Burst Fade

Texture is the focal point of men’s hair style 2017. If you have curly hair, let your natural hair texture shine. Maintain a burst fade for clean line edges and the curls of your hair do the rest!

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